How to Avoid Debt Collectors in Australia [2021 Guide]

Read this to STOP debt collectors in Australia from contacting you now! You’ll discover how to avoid debt collections in Australia, using this guide and the very effective service that we recommend. By the end of this post, you’ll be well informed to make the right decision.

You’ve found The Debt Free Community, Australia’s #1 informational site. It’s designed for you, to provide information for you to make the right choices. You’ll find knowledge on how to deal with debt collectors, debt reduction and elimination.

So let’s get into this. You’ve come here because you want to discover how to avoid debt collectors in Australia. There’s an easy way, and a hard way. We recommend the easy way, we don’t recommend the hard way. I’m sure you’d understand that notion!

Avoid debt collectors Australia
The typical debt collector. Evil, fierce and will never stop!

Avoiding Australian Debt Collectors

Here’s the real story. It’s true – you can avoid debt collectors in Australia. In fact, you don’t even have to speak to them again, ever!

Here’s the hard way…

You’ll have to run and hide, to turn off the phone, to move into the desert, move overseas or otherwise not allow them any form of contact. In our technological world today, that’s a hard thing to do. Plus – you need income. This requires living and working in Australia. Even Centrelink receipients need to live here.

Ignoring Australian debt collectors only makes it worse…

Here’s the easy way…

You’ll have to be open and honest. You have a debt. It needs to be repaid. But, you can get a DISCOUNT! We have access to a 100% FREE service. This service talks to the debt collectors for you. You don’t ever have to answer the phone again. Plus – they can create a deal that’s much more in your favour. Super win!

The truth about Australian debt collectors finding you

Debt collectors have your information already from your bank, lender, utilities company or telecommunications company. You likely put your parents address on your application. They’ve got a lot of information about you already.

Also, they know social media very well. They’ve gone through your Facebook and Instagram profiles. They know the friends and family you interact with. This is why they’ll start contacting them next, if they haven’t already. They’ll tell them about the debt. They’ll start calling your friends and family 2 to 3 times per day too. Super embarrassing!

Australian debt collectors are excellent at finding your social media channels!

You’ve got a debt with them. They don’t get paid, unless you start paying. That’s the hard truth right there. So they’ll be relentless. You’ll constantly get those phone calls, letters in the mail, text messages, emails and even concerned messages from friends and family stating that someone is looking for you. It sucks, but there is a solution. We have it, and thousands of Australians have used it.

Can debt collectors charge interest in Australia?

Yes – they can. The Australian consumer law allows them to charge no more than 35% interest. This is why most will charge 34.95%. It’s harsh, but it can stop today. It’s easy. You frankly have 2 choices. We’ll get into them.

  1. Contact them and organize a payment plan to stop the interest. Ideal for debts less than $7,000.
  2. Avoid them and use our 100% FREE service to get a better deal. Ideal for debts more than $7,000.

Thousands of Australians have chosen Option #2. They’re thankful they have, so they can sleep better at night and be on the road to a better future.

Who’s the service for?

It’s really for a range of Australians who have debt collectors calling. We decided to create an extensive list…

  • Those with debts $7,000+
  • People that want an easy solution
  • Individuals who aren’t sleeping well
  • People who want the madness to end
  • Those sick of the debt collectors calling
  • People who are feeling very embarrassed
  • Those ready for a change and fresh start in life
  • Ideally aged between 18 and 65, and living in Australia
  • Individuals that don’t want to deal directly with the collectors

Yes – the phone calls will end. The letters will end. The text messages will end. The emails will end. Your concerned friends and family won’t be hassled with calls either. This solution really does fix everything, provided you’re organized and ready to go now.

Get me started now!

Many families, couples and individuals find success with this service!

Excellent. That’s the right choice for almost everyone reading this. It’s time for the madness to end. Use this service and you’ll never have to speak to another debt collector ever again!

We hope this guide has provided you with much needed knowledge and resources on how you can avoid debt collectors within Australia. You can stop them calling you today, simply through using the 100% free service. It’s super easy, and thousands of people have used it already.

For those with comments and questions, you’re most welcome to drop them into the comments below. We’ll do our best to answer them within a few days. You’ll get a faster response through using the service provided here.