The top 5 debt excuses we hear

Debt excuses

There’s plenty of debt excuses that trap people in debt, despite the solutions we provide here. Loans and credit cards will see nearly all Australians in debt at some point in their lives.

Luckily, it doesn’t stay that way. We have helped thousands of people. We’re excited to help you too!

Debt excuses

Sometimes it’s just a change of attitude that can make a lasting change. If you’re looking to get out of debt, then check if any of the top 5 excuses below are stopping you from getting out of the cycle.

1. Waiting for opportunities

Certainly we’re advocates of setting financial goals. Just don’t keep moving the goal posts. Simply don’t wait until you get a new job or promotion.

The longer you’re in debt, the more in the red you are. You’ll end up paying more interest, with greater overall payments. That really sucks.

2. False beliefs about your debt

Some people feel that their debt doesn’t affect their day to day life. The truth is that it absolutely impacts you in the long term.

Even for those who are fans of frugal living, every dollar spent on debt reduction is one step closer to a debt free lifestyle. These funds can help you build wealth for the future.

3. Deciding debt isn’t a priority

Debts simply aren’t all equal. But most are high interest, and need to be addressed. Do this before it gets too bad.

Don’t ignore what’s really happening. It won’t go away. If you miss or delay payments, you could wind up with much bigger payments on your hands. Address it before it gets really bad.

4. Choosing to pay just the minimum

This is a HUGE mistake if you’re committed towards joining a community of people who are debt free. In fact, this is the most common of the debt excuses out there. The smallest possible monthly payment really only makes sense for those that must be on a tight budget.

If you can, then you SHOULD make more than the minimum repayments. Continue to increase your monthly payments as your financial situation improves. You’ll be better off in the long run.

5. Not knowing your options

For those who are feeling trapped, and don’t know the way out, then get in touch with us. We can help you. We’re only one message or phone call away.

We’re happy to have a chat. That is – as friends. A complimentary phone call can really help you out. We are here to help.

Starting today without debt excuses

Debt is a real thing. Don’t let these excuses get in your way to address and (eventually) eradicate this financial disease.

Allow yourself the opportunity to reach out to us. We can help you! We believe in your dreams of living the debt free lifestyle. Our plans really have helped thousands of Australians.

We don’t have excuses. The Debt Free Community is focused on results. That is – we’re committed to helping Australians get out of debt starting today.

We’re just willing to help you navigate the hurdles. If you’re suffering from a massive debt burden, then we can absolutely help you.

Sued for debt: We can talk to the court!

Being sued for debt in Australia

If you’re being sued for a debt, and the debt collector is harassing, then let us talk to the court. In this guide, we’ll examine the process for you.

We’re Australia’s favourite resource. The Debt-Free Community is here to give individuals a voice and stand up for the little guy. Absolutely we want to help you!

Fact: You must act quickly! Don’t let it get any worse. Otherwise, it will. You’ll be much worse off down the track. Let us help you.

Reach out to us now so we can chat for 10 minutes regarding your situation. We also recommend proper legal advice as to the #1 priority right now.

Sued for debt: What they can do

The debt collector might have certain powers. It is especially true if you’re being sued for debt and attend court.

These include:

  • They can take your stuff if they want (They’ll find all the good stuff)
  • They surely can get your boss to pay your salary to them (Not good)
  • You’ll have an impact for several years with a mark on your credit history
  • It has known to happen with police coming around and arresting debtors
  • There’s lots of power to them, and not much power for you my friend

We want to help you immediately. Those letters demanding payment are real. They won’t magically go away.

Our research highlights that Australian finance laws are right now stacked in the favour of debt collectors, not individuals.

Plus – they’ve probably got all the paperwork and confessions from you regarding the debt. You’re in hot water!

Sued for debt Australia
Being sued for debt? They’re probably going to force you to pay. Bad news!

What’s the solution? We have it. Our recommended service can stop them by talking to the court for you. This is working for thousands of people in Australia.

Don’t do this on your own

Some people ignore our advice, and try to sort it out themselves. Wrong move!

We provide 100% FREE advice over a 10-minute phone call. It’s really that easy!

You don’t have to pay our recommended team anything.

Yet, these things could happen if you don’t chat to us:

  • Much higher interest rate applied to the debt amount
  • They can jack up the amount that you owe big time
  • They’ll knock on your door at daytime and evenings
  • Stuff that you own could be taken away (including cars)
  • Phone calls, letters and messages will keep coming all day
  • Essentially: They’ll be a menace to you with constant attacks

We can make a stop to that. Starting today we’re here to help!

Look: it’s clearly NOT a good thing being sued by a creditor at any time for your personal debt. We feel that it’s not too late to do something which makes a difference.

This opportunity is real

You can choose between the Debt Collector / Sheriff, or simply work with us. We’ll happily listen to you. Unlike the rest, we actually have a heart. We’ll understand your situation.

If you’re curious, we’ve actually helped a lot of people. There’s plenty on our testimonials page of praise. There is a better way, and it’s our solution to you.

We’ve helped literally thousands of Australians through our recommended service. Best part? Chatting to us is 100% FREE. Literally, just get in touch with us today.

Debt-Free People: Common Traits Observed

Debt-Free People

Debt-free people share some common traits that we’ve observed over the years. We’re going to reveal what they happen to share in common!

To live this lifestyle means thinking in simple terms and even at times, outside of the box. Especially as unfortunately today, being in debt is consider normal, not the exception.

debt-free people
Debt-free people can be found throughout the community!

We would recommend that you adopt the same characteristics, habits and approaches to finance that we’re outlining here. These are the most commonly shared with those living financially free lifestyles.

Debt-free people have a savings account

Yep. That’s the 1st secret that debt-free people live by. They have a real savings account, and they contribute to it every week.

In fact, quite commonly, they save before spending a single dollar. After savings and expenses, they can then spend whatever is left over. Those living this debt free lifestyle place a great importance on this.

They’ll seek help when needed

We might place them on a pedestal, but these people are smart. And smart people will ask for help when needed.

How do they ask for help? They’ll ask creditors for lower interest rates. These people will ensure they’re getting the best deal possible. Sometimes (actually often) the answer is a polite decline, but these people are always keen to ask to maintain their debt free lifestyle.

They’ve learned how to say no

Just like merchants declining a customer’s desire to get a discount, debt-free people also know how to say no to opportunities. Their priority is always staying out of debt, and they won’t budge for things that are outside of their price point.

They’ll choose not go keep up with the Jones’s and instead focus on their budget and cash flow. They consider money to be an asset, and credit cards to be the devil. Dramatic, yes, but they wouldn’t have it any other way.

They understand money and its value

These people pay their bills in full each month WITHOUT the credit card interest. Sure, they might have a credit card, but it’s always paid in full as well. If they want to purchase something, they’ll check first that there’s money available.

Certainly there’s a distinct difference between debt-free people and those with massive amounts of debt. Those debt-free generally have a more pleasant and basic lifestyle. Essentially, they don’t want to skip today’s payment for a great lifestyle, and have to pay for it down the track.

Moving forward

This hasn’t been learned in 5 minutes. These people have the right state of mind and certain characteristics as outlined here.

We hope these practical tips have been helpful. But wait – there’s more! Get in touch with us to see if there’s any more specific advice we can give for you and your current situation.

Debt Responsibility: Looking after somebody else’s debt

Responsible for someone elses debt

There’s a big concern that if you’re married to someone, or even in a long-term relationship, that you inherit their debt responsibility. Certainly, right away, we can advise you that this isn’t the case for Australians, but may be so in other countries.

If there’s creditors which are demanding payment for debt created by someone you know, it’s wise to remember what your individual obligations are.

At times you are responsible

Here’s a list of the most common times that you’ll find that your personal involvement is necessary for someone else’s debt.

  1. You’ve signed a Guarantor agreement. We NEVER recommend these. Ever. Because now you’re just as responsible if the other person stops paying.
  2. Joint accounts. Another case of joint-responsibility. Sure, the other person was paying 100% but as you’re on the account, you’re just as liable if they stop paying.
  3. Your account but someone else is doing the spending. Absolutely a bad idea! They’ll have no legal obligation to pay the money back, and it 100% falls on you. No excuses here. “But they maxed out the credit card” isn’t something debt collectors will want to hear.
Lock down your accounts so only *you* have access to it

All lenders, if you ask them, have to give you information regarding whether you’re responsible for the debt. Check to see if your signature is there.

Getting help

There are ways out of this. You don’t want things to become more complicated than what they are already.

Firstly, cease having joint accounts. Go solo and steer the ship yourself. Take full responsibility for your debt only, instead of digging a bigger hole that you can’t get out of.

If you want to help someone paying off their debt, then consider having that debt transfer to you. Not advisable, but sometimes the only way out. This can avoid collections issues in the future.

Moving forward

We can help you. We’ll assist in taking off the burden of paying someone else’s debt. Our options are very effective for most people.

Get in touch with us today. There’s no obligation. If you’re being chased by a nasty debt collector, then we’re ready and waiting!