The full Credit Repair Australia review

This is the complete review on Credit Repair Australia. Read this now to make a well informed decision whether this is right for you.

You’ve landed on Australia’s #1 debt management information site. We’re glad you’re here! We’ve helped thousands of Australians work through the process.

If you’re one of the following people, then you’ll be fit for these services…

  • You want to achieve financial freedom
  • You want your finances back on track
  • You’re struggling to pay the bills
  • You’ve been declined for a loan
  • You’ve got a bad credit history

Who is Credit Repair Australia?

This is an Australian company that has been in the market for 15 years. Recently, they’ve become a market leader. They specialize in 2 core services…

  1. Credit restoration. They can remove black marks from your credit file to assist in future loan approvals. They were Australia’s 1st company to build this process.
  2. Debt solutions. They can assist in reducing your level of debt as fast as possible, to get your finances back on track. They’ve receive some excellent feedback on this service too.

They have an excellent team and culture, backed by a well-rounded CEO who genuinely cares. They back themselves with a Money Back Guarantee if they can’t get your default removed, provided you follow their process properly.

What’s the cost to use Credit Repair Australia?

That’s an excellent question, and we’re glad you’re reading here to find the answer. The price to use their services is exactly an amount specific to an individual. There are instances where the cost is 100% FREE. There are instances where they will charge. It’s really a case-by-case scenario. It’s wise to get in touch with their friendly team to ascertain what those costs will be.

What are the downsides?

You’ll likely have a clean-slate. A fresh start, if you will. That’s why you’re looking to choose to use a service like this. The downside is that you might go down the wrong rabbit hole again, going further and deeper into debt. This is an individual thing, but some people reading this actually take the wrong approach, instead of using this service to get ahead in their financial lives.

Who’s suitable?

Their really suitable for a lot of people. Some of these include…

  • Individuals that want a fresh start
  • Australians aged between 18 and 65
  • Those looking to apply for credit or finance
  • Those that might be struggling to make repayments
  • People who want to work with a trustworthy company
  • People that are well organized and prepared with paperwork
Debt Negotiators can work for most people

The Summary

This is a rock-solid company. They genuinely care about helping you. There’s no pressure to proceed, but I’d be jumping on the phone for a complimentary phone call. They’ll probably share some tips and advice on that first friendly phone call from one of their team members.

Those with questions and comments are most welcome to share them below. The more technical and personal questions should go directly to their friendly team. They’ll be more than happy to take your call!

Debt Negotiators: Are they any good?

This is the most complete Debt Negotiators review available for Australians. Read this to make a well informed decision. You’ll decide whether this is right for you today.

From the team here at The Debt Free Community, we’d like to thank you for choosing to drop by. We’re Australia’s #1 site for debt information, particular in regards to recovery action, debt collectors, consolidation and starting fresh.

Who are Debt Negotiators?

They can help you with a range of financial issues. They’ll be 100% confidential in their approach, and won’t tell your friends and family. They can assist in debt recovery action, debt agreements, solutions towards bankrupcy and consolidation loans.

Are they good?

Yes, they’re good. Very good in fact. Hence why there’s so many excellent reviews about their services online.

So you’re probably curious today if you should use Debt Negotiators. We would recommend this if…

  • You’re struggling to make payments
  • Debt collectors are chasing you relentlessly
  • You want someone else to handle the phone calls
  • You’ve decided that the time is right to make a change

We wouldn’t recommend them if the debt is small. If it’s only a few thousand dollars, and you think you’re OK handling this yourself, then pick up the phone with your debt collectors now.

We simply wouldn’t recommend ignoring phone calls. It’s only going to make matters worse. The recovery agency who’s handling your case is only going to get tougher, every single day.

I’m getting harassing calls everyday. Will they stop?

Yes. They’ll only stop if you choose 1 out of the 2 following options…

  1. You call the debt collector and work out an arrangement
  2. You use the services of Debt Negotiators and likely get a better deal

Note: Their phone calls aren’t harassment. You’ve got a debt. You owe them money. They only get paid if you start making payments. The Ombudsman is an avenue for complaints, but seldom takes action. This is because this debt collection agency that’s chasing you is likely working within the law, as severe penalties exist for those who break the law. So the phone calls will continue, unless you take action now.

When it all gets too much! Debt collectors can be relentless…

The debt collector’s calling my friends and family. Help!

Yes, they’ll likely do this. It’s not illegal unfortunately. The debt collector has probably gone through your Facebook and Instagram pages already. They know your friends and family, and they’ve called them. Utterly embarrassing! Luckily, this can all end today.

The Summary

You simply can’t stand around and do nothing. You can’t ignore this debt. It’s only going to get worse. That is, unless you take action today. To really start the journey towards a better financial balance sheet. Luckily, Debt Negotiators are the best in the business. They’ll help you as best they can.

For those with comments or experiences, you’re most welcome to drop them into the box below. Questions should go direct to their friendly and helpful phone team, who are ready and happy to take your call now.

Debt Negotiators are good, and be the perfect solution for you.

There’s no obligation to sign up after that first introductory phone call. If anything, just use it to get some helpful tips and advice regarding your situation. They talk to people just like you everyday.