Collexa Debt Recovery: What To Do If They’re Harassing You Today

We’re here to help people who are being chased by debt collectors such as Collexa because we know how tough it can be.

There are multiple reports across Australia of debt collectors being nasty, aggressive and rude. Harassment appears to happen to those in vulnerable positions.

Let’s examine Collexa and their debt recovery processes because they like to chase people who owe money. Are they dodgy? We know the answer.

The truth is, they are quite legitimate and stay within the law.

Now if you’re being chased, there are some things you can do.

Collexa Debt Recovery

It’s probably a case that you owe someone money like a business. Because you haven’t paid up, they have asked Collexa to step in and handle it.

While you might have been able to negotiate a payment extension before, it’s probably not going to be so easy now. Because Collexa gets paid only if they recover the debt, there is a strong incentive for them to keep chasing you.

And chasing you is exactly that they will continue to do.

Collexa Debt Recoveries

You might experience things like:

  1. Routine phone calls where are somewhat aggressive and ‘tough’
  2. Text messages saying “Please contact Collexa Debt Recovery NOW”
  3. Letters of demand where they say you must pay up or else (shocking!)
  4. Their debt collectors might even come knocking to your house

The last one is especially interesting. Did you know that they can come knocking on Sundays? You could be having a few friends over for beers, then suddenly it’s interrupted because a debt collector with demands has come to the front door.

Gee…that’s gotta be embarrassing! Suddenly your friends and family will gossip and know all about this.

Surely there is a way out of this mess. Luckily, we know a good way, hence the creation of The Debt Free Community.

What you can do

Firstly, we wouldn’t recommend you ignore this. What could happen next is a notice to attend Court. This can be a very expensive process, especially if they win and you have to pay their court costs plus your own lawyer. Now you’re out of pocket even more than before.

Even if you change your phone number or move house, it isn’t going to achieve much. These guys are sophisticated and know how to chase people.

What they do is often use Facebook and LinkedIn to see what people are up to. Have you had any strange friend requests lately? That’s probably a debt collector.

It sucks, especially as you’re having a tough time. You’re in dire straits and they want to kick you while you’re down. It’s like they won’t leave you alone at all.

We would highly recommend that you try to work out things with them. Perhaps you’ve already tried, which has brought your search online for an answer.

While you can play the financial hardship card, you also gotta prove it. The National Debt Helpline is available too but they give generic advice.

You can actually engage our team to talk to them for you. Since it’s scary to talk to debt collectors, we can step in on your behalf so you can avoid all that stress and embarrassment. You might even get a better deal including a reduction in the payments.

Next steps

Collexa Recoveries is a collection agency which operates ethically as per the online reviews. Their sophisticated recoveries and investigations team means that while borrowers can run, they often can’t hide.

If you’re being chased, then it’s going to be tough to get away from your obligations. Instead, use our solution that is FREE for you to get on the phone.

We’re here to help everyday Australians through these difficult times. We know you’re doing it tough, that’s why we’re community-focused and want to help you sleep better each night.

And finally, one of the best ways to deal with Collexa is to deal with them personally and organize a payment plan.

Cash Converters Debt Collectors: What To Do When They Come Knocking

So you thought that taking out that payday loan was a good idea, but now you’re struggling to pay it back. We’ve got some good news for you.

Cash Converters Debt Collectors are motivated to HUNT YOU DOWN to get you to pay the full balance of the original payday loan. Here’s what to do!

You see, most Australians have little idea in regards to their rights and indemnities.

But the truth is, you probably have an obligation to pay your debt. You can even claim financial hardship where they have to give you flexible terms to get back on track.

Let’s have a look.

Cash Converters debt management

Cash Converters is represented by Safrock Financial Corp which is a similar company to them. Their aim is to get borrowers on the phone to repay their debts.

This includes personal loans and payday loans that you took out with Cash Converters in a branch or online in Australia. You thought you could keep up with those repayments, and now look at what has happened.

They are allowed to call up to 10 times a month. It’s scary actually!

Did you know that they can come to your house? Even on Sunday’s they can rock up if they want to and interrupt your peaceful family BBQ, as late as 9pm.

Cash Converters payday and personal loan debt

Not only that but these days Australian debt collectors are using Facebook to stalk people. They might have already looked at your photos and seen that you are spending money…which means you have money to pay them.

Maybe they are stalking. We hope not, but there is clear evidence from others who have been chased by debt collectors that this has happened to them. Facebook gives them lots of information. Have you been added by any strange people lately? It’s probably a debt collector in disguise presenting to be a friend of a friend.

Very scary isn’t it? We’d love to stop them in their tracks for you.

Cash Converters Debt Collection message

Have you been contacted by one of the debt collectors representing Cash Converters Australia? It probably says something like “Please contact Safrock Cash Converters immediately regarding a personal matter”

Safrock Cash Converters Debt Collection SMS text message

What this means is that they want your money and they’re going to keep chasing you. You took out a payday loan a while ago and you’ve missed those repayments, now there are additional penalties you must pay.

Don’t ignore your phone as that doesn’t work and neither does a change of your phone number. These guys have sophisticated ways to track you and can often find you if you move house too.

Listen up – you gotta take this seriously. You are in trouble but you don’t have to go through stressful times. There are numerous ways out.

Previously these debt collectors were very much in people’s faces. They would call people more than they should plus they would put black marks on people’s credit history.

Today, that has changed.

They got in trouble with ASIC for this

Did you know that Cash Converters was fined for this to the tune of $650,000 because they used Safrock Finance for their personal loans and payday lending? We didn’t know either and it’s quite alarming to discover the truth.

Safrock Financial Corporation was apparently hassling people who Cash Converters lent money to. Like they would call them much more regularly than they are legally allowed to.

ASIC published a media release about this here.

The great news is that Cash Converters took responsibility to help remediate the situation and the stress they caused to borrowers who didn’t meet their repayments. So we can see that they actually do care about people.

What you can do

The reason they are calling you non-stop is that they expect you to pay up. The reason you’re ignoring their calls is that you know that the bank account is running slim. In other words, you don’t have money to pay the loan back, right?

We recommend:

  1. Raising some quick money by selling off stuff you don’t need (i.e. Gumtree)
  2. Registering with recruiting agencies to try and get additional weekend work
  3. Speak with the team to get a better payment plan in place today (you can)

A lot of people don’t want to talk to debt collectors. It’s always a bit embarrassing but also they can be rude and disheartening. They won’t want to listen to your stories because they just want your money.

If they come knocking at your front door, then you gotta tell about your challenging times but you are committed to getting back on track. It’s uncomfortable in most cases to speak to debt collectors, but this is what you gotta do in most instances. We know you’re having a rough time.

Debt collector house visit

Instead, why not get in touch with The Debt Free Community? We can help you by talking to these angry people for you, allowing you to get on with your life.

If you’ve got some stories to tell about why you can’t pay today, then we’d love to hear them! All those excuses are welcome with us.

Next steps

The only way to resolve this difficult financial issue is to do something about it.

You can go out on your own and hope that you’ll get a good deal. They might hit you up with penalty interest and charges because you’re late to pay them.

If you’re just having a tough time, then consider getting in touch with us today.

Cash Converters debt collection activities are legal today and they have recovered from their dark days with ASIC involvement. If you are suffering financial hardship, then please consider playing that card with them.

Also, the National Debt Helpline is always available. This is an Australian government service that’s available for you.

Australian Debt Recoveries: Is Vodafone chasing you for bills?

Complaints on Australian Debt Recoveries

If you’re being chased by Australian Debt Recoveries, then pay attention. This is serious stuff that could have ramifications for your future.

A lot of debt collectors in Australia are becoming smarter in hunting their pray. That is – people who are avoiding the obligations to repay money that they owe.

Vodaphone often hands of their debt collection activities to Australian Debt Recoveries to recover money that YOU owe them due to unpaid bills.

In this guide, we’ll be sharing our thoughts about this.

Australian Debt Recoveries Vodaphone

What’s probably happened here is that you’ve forgotten to pay a past bill. Maybe you’ve even moved to Telstra or Optus because the service or new plan deals might have been better.

The problem is that you still owe money to Vodaphone for your last bills and maybe a termination fee. They’ve tried to get in touch with you to collect on this.

Australian Debt Recoveries Vodaphone

Failing that, Australian Debt Recoveries now takes over to try and collect the money. Harassment and bullying are common with debt collectors, though we haven’t heard of reports of this happening with this bunch.

Even if it’s just a few hundred dollars, the challenge is your credit history can now be affected. This isn’t good news if you’re looking to buy a house or get yourself a new car.

In fact, let’s look at some facts regarding this situation now.

Australian debt recoveries complaints

Clearly some people aren’t happy with the conduct of Australian Debt Recoveries and do leave complaints and negative reviews online. It seems some of their staff can be rude or unhelpful, but at the same time, some people also do have some good experiences with them.

Can they take me to court?

It’s very unlikely that this company will take you to Court over the matter. This is because the debt amounts that they deal with are often relatively small, not big. Like a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. When they add the legal fees on top, there won’t be enough profit for them.

Should I talk to Vodafone?

Yes – you can talk to Vodafone over the matter. Quote a reference number that was given to you and they might be able to help give you more information about the matter.

Australian Debt Recoveries text message

Did you get a message from Australian Debt Recoveries? It probably said something like “Please contact Australian Debt Recoveries urgently about this personal matter”. It’s got to do with unpaid bills that you’ve fallen behind on or merely forgotten about.

SMS text message from Australian Debt Recoveries

Where did they get my details?

When you first took out your phone or internet service, the service provider got all of that information. They are legally allowed to pass it on to these debt collectors in order for them to carry out their job. Even if you move house or change employers, they have sophisticated ways to track you down with software and stalking your Facebook or Instagram accounts. We’re not lying – this happens every day!

How can you help?

The Debt Free Community can help by recommending you to our mediation service. It’s a FREE recommendation so you can discover if you’re able to get out of this or not.

Next steps

You cannot ignore what’s happening. Make a response before it gets much worse.

They can:

  1. Put a black mark on your credit report (Not good!)
  2. Add additional interest, fees and charges to the debt.
  3. Call you up to 9pm at night, even on weekends (Scary!)
  4. Continue sending you letters of demand for payments.

That can all end if you address the root cause of the issue. Speak to them or use our recommended team, so you can get on with your life.

Baycorp Harassment: 10 Things You Can Do To Beat These Bullies

Are you suffering harassment from Baycorp Collections here in Australia? We hear this as a common report and it’s time to stand up!

Australian debt collection laws in our opinion are good but still need to be improved upon to protect the consumer. There are numerous rogue operators around.

Reports of Baycorp harassment by this debt collection agency is rising, which includes aggressive behaviour, demanding attitudes and their rude staff.

In this guide, we’ll show you 10 things you can do to stop these bullies from winning.

Baycorp Harassment problems

Numerous people have contacted us with reports of Baycorp harassing them. If you read the online reviews, it seems that others are also victims too.

Baycorp Harassment by debt collector
This guy is one of those debt collectors doing harassment over the phone

Sometimes though, it isn’t actually harassment at all. They are just being firm and tough. So it’s good to disseminate the differences in behaviour.

Debt collectors are the last people you’d expect to be warm, friendly and caring. Their main aim is to recover debts. It’s an industry that sucks for everyone, including them. It’s not a job at all that we’re the envy of.

Let’s look at what you can do:

1. Seek free debt help

You can speak with the National Debt Helpline on 1300 007 007 or speak to one of our friendly team members. Both are FREE and are operated by friendly teams with no judgement, anger or harassment ever given.

This often gives a bit of relief to people who have otherwise felt lots of sadness and anxiety. In the first instance, we would always recommend this government organization which has helped so many Australians.

2. Stop ignoring your phone

The problem with many people is that they keep ignoring their phone when a strange or blocked number calls. This is because they know it’s Baycorp Collections calling up and don’t want to deal with potential harassment over the phone.

When you keep ignoring your phone, they often just become more aggressive. That’s why you’re probably getting those letters in the mail, text messages, voicemails and more. Sometimes they’ll even email you every week too.

3. Look at your payment options

Would you feel comfortable with a small payment plan? Often companies like Baycorp Collections turn into really friendly folk once you stand up and say “Ok I can pay this amount each week. Is that good?”. This is because they’re used to people running away from their debt obligations.

That starts with looking at your expenses and income, and seeing whether you can propose a payment plan to them. Once you start paying, they generally just go quiet and move on to the next target.

4. Turn your Facebook profile to private

A lot of Australian debt collectors are now stalking Facebook and Instagram accounts. Why? It gives them lots of information. They can look at your photos, look at your friends and essentially see where your money is being spent, including that last holiday you took.

This makes them a bit angry and aggressive in chasing you for debt repayments. By the way…this is completely legal and encouraged in the industry! It might be too late to block your account though. They might have already stalked your entire profile last week actually. Did some random person recently try to add you? That could be a fake profile created by a debt collector.

5. Tell Baycorp that you only speak with nice people

They want a resolution to this problem as much as you do. Baycorp Collections doesn’t seek to do any harassment to its debtors, but sometimes it’s perceived as this. When speaking to someone over the phone, and their tonality turns a bit aggressive, tell them to put you on to someone nicer, either male or female.

Some debt collection agencies are now employing specialized people who can actually listen to people, instead of being demanding. They are willing to hear your side of the story. It’s rare but it does happen.

6. Get someone else to listen to those voicemails

If you’re suffering from anxiety when checking for voicemails, because you know it’s going to be yet another “Please call us urgently” type of things, then just get someone you’re close with to listen to the voicemails for you.

Your friend/family member will take the emotion out and just say things as they are, without the aggression. That way you’re really just getting the raw information. You can even do the same with those letters that come in the mail.

7. Write them a letter

We’ll never advise that you write a crafty letter that challenges their debt. The thing is: they have proof that you owe money and you gotta pay up. Instead, you can write a letter saying that you’re genuinely struggling but want to find a resolution to this problem within the coming weeks.

Why is this a good strategy? Because it will hit them by surprise and they will often become a lot more open and nicer. You might even get a discount or deduction on the money you owe them.

8. Report real instances of bullying to ACCC

If you genuinely believe that you’ve been a victim of bullying or harassment by Baycorp Collections, then Australian laws do allow you to make a formal complaint. While you can complain to the collections agency themselves, this often falls on deaf ears.

One thing you can do is lodge a complaint with the ACCC and Fair Trading. You will need to submit evidence that backs your case up. If you record phone calls, then this can help your case. You will need permission to record these phone calls first from the debt collector and often they will turn into a friendly bunch if they know they are being recorded.

9. Seek legal advice

We would always recommend people to seek legal advice regarding their individual debt situations. The Debt Free Community exists to be a resource page and marketing portal to help connect you to a fantastic mediation service.

You will have a unique situation already with your debt, and bullying can be tackled by an experienced lawyer. The thing is though that most lawyers are unwilling to get involved because in most instances, the debt collectors will win and so the lawyer doesn’t have a good chance of being paid. Plus – who’s going to pay them if you’re broke?

10. Get someone to talk to them for you

A great option that some people have done is to engage a 3rd party to do the talking over the phone. This way all the phone calls, letters and text messages can be stopped, but more so the anxiety and potential harassment that follows.

Baycorp is used to talking to mediation providers on behalf of clients and we can recommend you to a fantastic one. It’s a friendly team who will listen to your story. Lost your job? Had a toxic relationship? This is the sort of stuff that we love to hear!

We recommend that you get in touch and discuss options right now. Don’t ignore what’s happening until it’s too late.

Dealing with Baycorp

Baycorp Collections has been accused by some people of bullying, coercion and harassment in the past. We’re not entirely sure this is true since we’re soft here in Australia and it can easily be taken out of context.

See: what someone might see is harassment, is merely the tough stance that Australian debt collectors have. Horses for courses really. They just want their money back ASAP.

It’s very rare that you can sue any debt collector for harassment, let alone Baycorp. They can afford expensive lawyers and will end up costing you more in the long run. Plus – a lot of the evidence is on their side.

The worse thing is that they can come knocking on your front door as late as 9pm at night. It’s scary! They can even do this on Sundays. Completely legal by the way.

Imagine having a BBQ with friends and suddenly a debt collector is waiting outside with paperwork. Very awkward and embarrassing. Hopefully, they don’t say anything to your friends or family…but you never know.

There’s an old saying that goes: “Don’t wait…because soon it will be too late!!”

If you want someone to talk to these people on your behalf so you can get on with your life, then get in touch today. Our recommended mediation service can look after everything for you so you can avoid going to Court.