Lion Finance: Are They Chasing You Too?

Every month, thousands of Australians are being called up by Lion Finance regarding unpaid debts and recovery action.

You may have received some demanding letters which are strongly worded, in addition to phone calls, text messages and even emails. It’s scary and puts you under even more pressure, but it doesn’t need to.

Lion Finance Australia

Lion Finance is associated with Collection House and deals with recovery of unpaid debts by individuals across the country. They are professionals and aren’t going to give up easily.

You won’t simply be able to ignore their demands because they’ll resort to other tactics to get you coughing up the cash. Remember – this isn’t their 1st rodeo and you’re going to be stung if you leave this for much longer.

Chances are that this has come about because you have an overdue credit card and it’s likely from the Commonwealth Bank. Sometimes it also could be an electricity bill.

Now – let’s get to seeing how this can be sorted out for you.

Your Options to Sort it Out

There are some good options to have this sorted out for you.

Here’s what most people do:

  • They ignore all the phone calls, letters and text messages
  • The debt gets bigger and bigger each and every week
  • Their credit history gets a big red mark which hurts their future
  • Later, they realize that they have a much bigger debt to pay

That’s a very bad idea. Let’s not forget that you may struggle to get a home or car loan in the future with that red mark on your credit rating. Lion Finance can certainly hurt you and it’s simply because you ran.

Bad idea, right?

So instead, here’s what you can do:

  1. Get a payment plan sorted with them. Get something in writing and start paying monthly. Then Lion Finance will stop calling you every single day and start chasing the next person who isn’t paying their debts. They may or may not reach the point of hurting your credit history.
  2. Seek out and use our recommended debt mediation service. The 1st PHONE CALL is FREE and you can get an analysis to see if the debt amount can be reduced or even negotiated.

We really love the 2nd option but either way – you do need to take action today before it gets worse.

Lion Finance Complaints

There are dozens of complaints about Lion Finance across Australia due to repetitive phone calls and harshly worded letters requesting immediate debt repayments. While they aren’t dealing out harassment like other debt collectors we’ve examined, many people aren’t happy with their service.

Generally speaking, you’ll get the nicest people over the phone if you propose a repayment plan with them. Their tone quickly changes and they welcome a chance to resolve this issue. After all – it’s what their paid to do.

The complaints negative reviews of Lion Finance that we typically see are those who are trying to hide under the carpet instead of owing up to the debt and sorting out a payment plan. Remember that it isn’t originally a debt with Lion and so you shouldn’t be addressing your concerns with them initially.

What’s Next

It’s a tough situation to be in…but you really need to sort this out ASAP. Even if you have limited dollars in the bank account, Lion Finance will still accept a payment plan.

So that’s one good solution. Another is to get someone like our recommended team to talk to them for you. This way you never need to get on the phone again and can simply get on with life.

Of the two choices, we know which one we would choose!

ACS Debt Collection Services: How to Sort Them Out

Have you recently been contacted by ACS Debt Collection Services? The reason they’re contacting you is because you owe money.

You can expect regular phone calls as they want you to start repaying your debts.

What are your rights and what are your options. Most importantly – what will they do to you?

Let’s go for a deeper dive here.

ACS Debt Collection Services

What has happened is that you owe someone money. They have engaged the ‘services’ of ACS to chase those repayments that you’ve been ignoring.

ACS makes good money doing this and will keep persevering until an arrangement is done. Fortunately, they will typically be happy to accept a payment plan over a short period to get things up to date.

This is a great thing as you can both stop the annoying phone calls, demanding letters and potential visits to your front door – but you can also sleep at night.

Because chances are…this has probably been keeping you up.

What Could Happen Now

The biggest problem is that most people start ignoring this. They just don’t realize how serious this has become. Those letters and phone calls are real and you shouldn’t play the ignoring game.

If this is you, and you are being chased or harassed by ACS Debt collectors, then this could happen next:

  1. They can rock up to your door with legal paperwork, even on the weekends and up to 9pm at night. (The Australian Government allows this by the way and there’s nothing illegal about it)
  2. The initial debt amount can increase through additional interest being charged and recovery fees. Lawyers and legal paperwork is quite expensive.
  3. They can continue calling you and chasing you up for the next 6 years until the matter is settled.
  4. Stalking on social media might happen including finding out the name of your workplace and boss. This has happened to thousands of Australians with stalking by debt collectors being a big issue.
  5. The worst part – they can ding your credit rating so when you go for a car loan in the future, you could be knocked back!

You need to be quite careful right now about running away and instead face this issue head on. Just imagine having a few friends over and suddenly there’s a knock on the door. It’s two big men with paperwork and demanding repayments immediately. How awkward and soul destroying.

Now, there is an exit-strategy and it’s OPEN to you right now.

But how? Let’s cover this.

The solution

You really have several options. The option that most people take initially is running and hiding because they either don’t have the funds, or simply try to delay the debt collectors for as long as possible.

Next, some people take a payment plan directly organized with ACS Debt Collection. This is a wise idea and our best recommendation actually. They’ll stop calling you once you take a payment plan or pay the lump sum and start chasing other people instead.

Another great solution is to use a debt mediator and we can highly recommend one. These people may be able to talk to ACS on your behalf and even negotiate a lower debt amount and a more lenient payment plan. Initial phone calls are FREE to see if you qualify for these services.

Either way – you do need to address this situation. Do it now before it all gets out of hand.

In Summary

We wouldn’t mess around right now. You need to take action and avoid this problem…because likely it’s going to get much worse long before it gets better.

Either deal with ACS directly or use our FREE recommended phone call service, and we can hopefully get this revolved for you today.

Slater Byrne Recoveries – Are They Chasing You?

Being chased by Slater Byrne Recoveries with daily calls is a scary thought that easily keeps you awake at night. Will they be knocking on your front door?

If they are chasing you, luckily there are ways to deal with this frustration.

Slater Byrne Recoveries

It’s a scary thought. One minute you’re safe and sound and the next there are multiple calls from Slater Byre Recoveries. They are calling you because you owe money to one of their clients, and they want to get paid back.

The debt amounts do vary but generally speaking, the interest rate is higher than ever before.

Upon reading the reviews of Slayter Byre and their complaints, it’s clear to see that this debt collector is persuasive. They get paid big money to recovery debts from people like you.

Be warned, it can get pretty damn bad if you don’t actually do something about it. Don’t fall into the trap that dozens of people have…and end up paying so much more! It’s not unusual for such debts to double in price within a short period of time.

What Happens Next

It starts out with some phone calls and threatening letters that sound very alarming. They certainly aren’t playing around and are demanding repayments from you immediately.

They’ll be chasing you up for months and years, with the rights to visit your home at any time. Imagine that Sunday barbeque with a bunch of friends. The big burly dudes from Slater Byrne can rock up with paperwork and demand to speak with you which can be very embarassing.

From here, they can take you to court and certainly can damage your credit history. Imagine going for a car loan and being knocked back because of this issue.

This is a key reason why you shouldn’t simply run away from this situation. Instead, you should face this head on.

Your Options Explained

The very best option is to always speak to a debt collector like this from Day 1. Don’t mess around here.

You can explain to them that:

  1. You’re out of work or cash is limited
  2. You do actually want to pay but can’t right now
  3. And you’re having a difficult time in life

Really – it’s that easy. They are usually very happy to accept a payment plan over a long enough period where you can make repayments. This is a win for them (so they can focus on chasing others instead now) and a win for you, as you can get the pressure off your back.

As for sleeping soundly at nighttime, this is a great path to go down.

The second option isn’t recommend, yet is what most people do. They simply ignore this situation until it’s too late. As you’re reading this right now, the interest is being charged and rising every single day. It’s really getting out of hand!

Ignorance isn’t bliss and this can very much negatively impact your future.

The third option is to speak to one of our recommended representatives who can reduce the debt amount for you. They can negotiate the debt and provide a solution that better fits your current household budget.

For many Australians, this is definitely a great way to go which can help take the pressure off your daily bills and obligations.

Going forward

Either way – don’t ignore the severity of this situation. Clearly there is a problem at hand and this needs to be dealt with so everyone can get back on track.

If you speak to Slater Byrne, their staff are quite nice and helpful so you can get through difficult situations with ease. Yet if you’re worried about getting a bad deal – drop your contact details on this page for a FREE consultation call today.

Marshall Freeman Review: Are They Any Good?

Are you being chased by Marshall Freeman? These debt collectors call poor Australians every single day and try to get the money repaid.

Marshall Freeman Review

Reading through the reports online and you’ll see a common trend of bad reviews and lots of complaints. People are being hassled by this company so often with phone calls, letters and SMS messages. Did you receive one?

It would say: “Please contact Marshall Freeman today regarding an urgent personal matter!” – What this means is that you owe a company some money and they are using Marshall Freeman to do the dirty work.

Essentially, you’ll need to take action. But here’s the problem: What if you don’t have any money to give ’em? Then it becomes an interesting situation.

Is it a scam?

No – receiving any communication from Marshall Freeman isn’t a scam. They are a legitimate company based in Burleigh Heads QLD. It’s essentially their job to call cash-stricken people all day long.

If you don’t pay ’em then you’ll probably get a black mark on your credit file pretty soon. So then the next time you apply for finance, you could be knocked back. This is why we advocate that you do something.

Marshall Freeman debt collection practices

How they work is a 5-tiered approach and this is quite common by Australian debt collectors.

  1. It starts with phone calls. You’ll get called by them during the day or evenings and yes, this can include weekends.
  2. Then the letters start coming. These are heavily worded “You owe us money!” type of demands. This can include physical mail in your mailbox and emails too.
  3. You’ll be texted by them as we’ve outlined above. They can also text your friends and family if they know their details too.
  4. They might start stalking your social media profiles. Yes, this includes Facebook and Instagram. This isn’t so common though but it’s good to set your privacy settings to private.
  5. Lastly, they can come and visit your house. This includes weekends and as late as 9pm at night. It will be 2 very tough looking guys that won’t be nice just like you see in the movies. Very scary!

From there, you might be dragged into the court room and have to convince the magistrate that you’re innocent. This is a rare case but it can happen if your debt is huge where they think they have a fighting chance to get you coughing up the cash.

By the way – do you have the budget for an expensive lawyer? They do.

Where did this start?

You probably took out a loan, credit card or have a utility bill. As that company has all your details and you stopped paying them, they offloaded the hard work to Marshall Freeman.

Essentially, you’re already in hot water and need to sort this out before it gets worse.

What you can do

The most common thing that people choose to do is ignore all communication. This is actually a terrible choice as it leads to worse consequences. They go after a harder chase on the people who don’t respond to their communications i.e. calls, text messages and emails.

Marshall Freeman are professional debt collectors and as the reviews show, they are relentless in their pursuit. It’s really hard for you to escape your debt obligations.

Essentially, it’s often easier to have a chit-chat with them. They are very likely to offer a payment plan and won’t need the full lump sum transferred immediately.

One alternative option is to use the resources from us! The Debt Free Community is ready and committed to help you during these troubling times.