Collection House: Read this NOW Before they call again!

If you’re getting harassed with phone calls and letters from Collection House regarding debts, then read this review. We’ll show you what to do.

Firstly, we’ve helped thousands of Australians get their financial affairs back on track.

This website is a collection of resources and tools that will help you get a clearer understanding towards your obligations, and how to overcome the hurdles.

Collection House keeps calling

It’s likely that this company keeps calling with complaints because you have a debt with them.

You shouldn’t call them, until you read through here first. It’s likely an old debt from your own bank or another organization.

Think about it: a credit card, a bank loan or a car loan. It could even be council rates, water rates, an electricity bill or other wise.

Either way, you have a debt with them. And there are ways to deal with it, which you need to do.

Do it now, before this situation escalates further and they come knocking on your door.

Stop the Collection House harassment and phone calls

Yes you can stop them! We do provide some excellent advice here.

The phone calls, text messages, emails and constant letters are due to an obvious reason – you have a debt. That debt needs to be paid.

Luckily, you don’t need to deal direct with Collection House. After all, they’ll very likely make sure the payment terms are in THEIR favour, not yours.

You won’t have a choice in the matter. That’s why we recommend a better strategy.

A debt with Collection House needs to be taken seriously

I’ve got a Collection House ATO Debt

If you’ve got a debt with the Australian Tax Office that has gone unpaid, it’s likely with Collection House now.

We can help you through the process. We can get you the help you need.

Dealing directly with Collection House might be challenging. You won’t get favourable terms.

You’ll really come up against a brick wall (if you aren’t already…) with no way out.

They won’t listen to your story that you lost your job, that a significant other passed away or that your business isn’t making cashflow.

But there are others who will listen. Please use our key recommendations to help you find the way out.

Lawyers that deal with Collection House

There isn’t. Well actually, there is. But lawyers always charge a fortune, even for introductory phone calls.

$300 an hour? $500 an hour? Who can really afford that? The service we recommend provides a FREE initial phone call.

They’ll take the hassle away. They’ll stop the phone ringing, they’ll stop the text messages. Those annoying letters will go away.

It’s quite easy. Remember, it’s a FREE initial phone call to talk about your hassles with Collection House and is available to you right now.

Making complaints about Collection House

It’s difficult, as you generally can’t make a Collection House complaint. This debt collection company is simply doing their job.

Their communication channels with you – letters, phone calls, text messages and otherwise are simply legal channels they can use to chase you.

That is, until the debt is settled. It’s hard to run with these guys. They already have access to your social media channels, they know where live.

If you move house, they’ll find you again very quickly. It’s not really a breach of privacy, as there’s so much information freely available online.

A solution for all Australians

That’s the easy part! We can help you. We’ve got a recommended service, one that will be eager to help you.

Best of all – their services require no money upfront! You can begin by getting help today.

Simply use the link provided to get started right now.

We have the solution for the Collection House phone calls

It’s an easy process. It’s straight-forward. People who are in trouble will benefit, as well as people who are looking for a way out.

An excellent solution that is completely FREE and without hassles.

The Summary

The debt is here. It’s not going away. In fact – it’s getting BIGGER, every single day. It’s likely that you can’t pay it in your current situation.

Luckily, we do have a solution. It’s likely the correct solution for you. We can lend a hand, with our recommended service.

The friendly team will help you out, and they’ve helped heaps of individuals like you in the last few months, especially those dealing with Collection House.

Please use the form provided to get started today!

Debt Negotiators: Are they any good?

This is the most complete Debt Negotiators review available for Australians. Read this to make a well informed decision. You’ll decide whether this is right for you today.

From the team here at The Debt Free Community, we’d like to thank you for choosing to drop by. We’re Australia’s #1 site for debt information, particular in regards to recovery action, debt collectors, consolidation and starting fresh.

Who are Debt Negotiators?

They can help you with a range of financial issues. They’ll be 100% confidential in their approach, and won’t tell your friends and family. They can assist in debt recovery action, debt agreements, solutions towards bankrupcy and consolidation loans.

Are they good?

Yes, they’re good. Very good in fact. Hence why there’s so many excellent reviews about their services online.

So you’re probably curious today if you should use Debt Negotiators. We would recommend this if…

  • You’re struggling to make payments
  • Debt collectors are chasing you relentlessly
  • You want someone else to handle the phone calls
  • You’ve decided that the time is right to make a change

We wouldn’t recommend them if the debt is small. If it’s only a few thousand dollars, and you think you’re OK handling this yourself, then pick up the phone with your debt collectors now.

We simply wouldn’t recommend ignoring phone calls. It’s only going to make matters worse. The recovery agency who’s handling your case is only going to get tougher, every single day.

I’m getting harassing calls everyday. Will they stop?

Yes. They’ll only stop if you choose 1 out of the 2 following options…

  1. You call the debt collector and work out an arrangement
  2. You use the services of Debt Negotiators and likely get a better deal

Note: Their phone calls aren’t harassment. You’ve got a debt. You owe them money. They only get paid if you start making payments. The Ombudsman is an avenue for complaints, but seldom takes action. This is because this debt collection agency that’s chasing you is likely working within the law, as severe penalties exist for those who break the law. So the phone calls will continue, unless you take action now.

When it all gets too much! Debt collectors can be relentless…

The debt collector’s calling my friends and family. Help!

Yes, they’ll likely do this. It’s not illegal unfortunately. The debt collector has probably gone through your Facebook and Instagram pages already. They know your friends and family, and they’ve called them. Utterly embarrassing! Luckily, this can all end today.

The Summary

You simply can’t stand around and do nothing. You can’t ignore this debt. It’s only going to get worse. That is, unless you take action today. To really start the journey towards a better financial balance sheet. Luckily, Debt Negotiators are the best in the business. They’ll help you as best they can.

For those with comments or experiences, you’re most welcome to drop them into the box below. Questions should go direct to their friendly and helpful phone team, who are ready and happy to take your call now.

Debt Negotiators are good, and be the perfect solution for you.

There’s no obligation to sign up after that first introductory phone call. If anything, just use it to get some helpful tips and advice regarding your situation. They talk to people just like you everyday.

What is Debt? Let’s define it.

For the first official post on the Debt Free Community. Let’s cover what exactly is Debt so you’ll have a firm grasp on how it relates to you personally.

What is debt

Debt, in relation to this website here, is money owned to a lender. This is generally a bank, a credit union or any other type of financial institution. It’s a deferred payment, money that is owed in the future.

Debt can be a balancing act
Debt: The ultimate balancing act

Banks like this as the interest, earns them money. Plus, the lending costs are very minimal, and debtors (you) are very likely to repay the money loaned out.

Debtors and banks have gone back hundreds of years. Thousands of years even. It’s just that today, financial institutions are more sophisticated. The more aware of how to find the right applicants, assess their repayment ability and chase them when the monthly repayments or full balance isn’t repaid.

Being responsible

The responsibility for some people can be easy to handle. For others, it’s much harder. It’s an individual situation, and everyone’s situation is different. That’s why a tailored approach towards getting out of arrears is necessary.

Debts can move hands. That is, if you’re not paying your monthly minimum repayments, the full balance can be sold to a collection agency. So if your bank isn’t calling and someone else is, your debt is now with the next crew.

One thing is for real: debt is here to stay. In our world today, we simply couldn’t live without this at all. The bankers do own the world. A rigged game this definitely is.

But there is a way out of these financial challenges, and we’ll help you as much as we can. Simply use this website to your advantage. It’s what it is here for.

I hope this post has clarified what debt is. How you tackle your debt is up to you. We would recommend using the services here. Just for you, this website can be helpful.

Likewise, our #1 recommendation for Australians is always the National Debt Helpline. You can contact them at: 1800 007 007

Welcome to The Debt-Free Community


My name is Joshua, and I’d like to welcome you and provide you with an introduction to The Debt-Free Community for Australia.

This is a website, blog and knowledge-base I curated. A centrally-located hub that will help everyday Australians move towards a Debt-Free lifestyle as I have.

You’ve found here the first post. The first post of many that will be beneficial in helping everyone gather the tools and resources to assist them in dealing with ever-increasing debt.

My knowledge

Over the years, I hope to be of immense value to you here. To provide the best information possible, for you as an individual, or family, to make an informed decision. Allow this to be your resource-base, the sanctuary you need when times get tough.

The content I’ll be providing here will be assisting many people towards a debt-free lifestyle. Naturally, as we don’t know each other personally, I am unable to provide personalized-advice. You can be resourceful in using my site for your reference, and be better equipped to deal with your debt obligations and creditors.

Welcome to the Debt Free Community Australia

For those with questions, you’re most welcome to use the Contact form provided here.

I look forward to being of value here, as an individual whose knowledge can be of use by so many Australians. We’ve all done it tough, and now it’s time for a refreshing change to the landscape.

My final thoughts

I firstly want to say ‘Thank you’. Firstly, thank you for choosing to find this site, for looking at the first and original post here. Towards researching what my site was always intended to be about.

Secondly, thank you for decided to make a change in your financial life. For choosing to move closer to the path of a debt-free lifestyle. I know it isn’t easy, it’s not exactly hard either. It’s just we need to decide and be committed.

Lastly, I’m here for you. As a friend, a mentor and a resource base. A place where you can get the best information, tools and strategies to cure your debt problems. Once and for all.

It’s all free. Starting today. Welcome to the journey ahead!